Am I a sucker?

For those of you who know me, I play the airline miles and credit card points game...religiously.

It's my video game where I must level up to continue playing so that I can beat the game. When do I beat it though? When I get top level status? When I get elite status for life?

Is it all worth it?

Probably not.

Will I come to my senses and stop playing the game?

Nope. Because there is still value in it for me.

By earning points, miles and status I still get benefits I value, and will use them to take trips I wouldn't feel comfortable spending cold hard cash on.

Back in March I went around the world completely on points and miles.

I flew on some of the most top-rated airlines in the world, including Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class from New York to Singapore via Frankfurt. Just this flight alone would of cost me $8,100.

I wouldn't be able to justify this purchase, even if I had the means to. I would rather earn miles and points on everyday spend and then treat myself to this flight. Which is what I did.

If I were to of paid for this in cash, it would of cost me around $20,000, and there is absolutely no way I would ever feel comfortable shelling out that much cash to fly first class around the world.

Surprisingly Awesome did a podcast about the Frequent Flyer game, if you have the time it's worth a listen.

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