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Yesterday, Apple held their annual developer's conference (WWDC) and announced the next big upgrades for iOS, tvOS, watchOS, and macOS - formerly OS X.

Each software platform receives some great new features, some are catch up features that Android phones already have. There is one change, that has not changed since the first iPhone launched in 2007.

RIP Swipe to Unlock

watchOS 3

The Apple Watch is getting an overhaul with watchOS 3.

  • A live-dock replaces glances, which is accessed by tapping the side button.
  • The ability to change and design new watch faces within the Watch app on your iPhone.
  • A familiar Disney character joins the watch face family.
  • A new Breathe app to help you do a control breathing exercises.
  • Impress speed improvements, not really seen in the dev beta, but it is faster than watchOS 2.


  • Single-sign on for your cable provider, no more having to authentic on a per channel basis.
  • Developers aren't limited to having to develop games for only the Siri remote.

iOS 10

The iPhone and iPad receive an extensive overhaul with iOS 10. Apple has invested a ton of time in both the Photos app and iMessage app, and it really shows. Memories for Photos, and iMessage apps for iMessages are going to be what most people are impressed with well after the 'new-ness' of the upgrade wears off. You can finally remove most, but not all of Apple's stock apps. Like Google Maps over Apple Maps? You can delete Apple's version. Want to use another Email client, you can delete Mail. Big changes to how the lock screen functions. Camera is accessed by swiping to the left, no more swiping up. Widgets and the Today View have been moved to the Siri Suggestions area accessed by swiping to the right when on lock screen, or by swiping to the right when on your first page of apps once unlocked.

  • Notifications have been redesigned.
  • Email threads have been redesigned.
  • Clock app has a new Bedtime mode, ability to track time asleep (sort of).
  • News app redesigned, ability to sign into existing subscriptions with publications
  • Apple Music redesigned. Much easier to use, big focus on on artwork and font
  • HomeKit gets an app, (can be deleted).
  • Siri improvements, contextual quick replies
  • Siri API for developers.
  • Photos app receives new feature called Memories. The app will automatically create events based on photos from the day in years past and present them to you in short movie clips with music and easy to share functionality. (One of my favorite new features).
  • iMessage app has received a ton of new features. Emojification of texts before sending, third-party iMessage apps, handwriting-texts, and more.

There are a lot more iMessage features. It's impressive how much they have changed themselves and the fact that it is now open for developer apps.

macOS Sierra

The Mac gets a nice update with macOS Sierra 10.12. Cool features such as Universal Clipboard (copy text/images etc from any iOS or Mac and its available on your other devices iPhone, iPad, iPod touch etc., for you to paste where you need it). Siri comes to the Mac and it bring some impressive functionality. Working in a document and need to get an image from Google? Ask Siri, and it will pop up images right in screen without launching a browser.

  • Apple Pay comes to Safari
  • iMessage receives updates to be in-line with iOS version
  • Auto-Unlock, unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch
  • Picture-in-Picture mode with videos from Safari or iTunes.

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