iOS Apps I use the most

Everyone has apps on their smartphone, and everyone has favorite apps they use everyday for tasks or can't live without (social apps).

Here are my top task-related apps.

  • 1Password
  • Todoist
  • American Airlines
  • App in the air
  • FlightTrack (old one)

1Password is my favorite app, and most used app. I do not know a single password of any account I have. I only know one password, and it is the password to get into my 1Password account.

It sounds scary not knowing your passwords, but my accounts are more secure, and I am able to have crazy long complex passwords for important accounts (think bank accounts) and know that the account is secure.


All my passwords look like the above, when possible. Some sites limit how long a password can be, or what characters are or are not allowed. For the most part however, I can have passwords as long and complex as I want, and there is not a hacker in the world who can use a brute force attack to crack the password above.

No, using 1Password doesn't make me immune from having my accounts compromised, there are other ways that can happen from social hacking, to connecting my account(s) to a third-party service that doesn't salt and encrypt the password when verifying account information.

I'll make a post later on that specifically talks about 1Password and why everyone should be using it.

Todoist is my go-to task manager app. I can input to-do tasks, create projects, and reminders easily and use the app to track all of that. The app is free, but there is a premium level that includes more features such as collaborators and assigning tasks to other people.

American Airlines is my airline app of choice. I fly primarily American Airlines, so having a great app from them makes everything seamless. I can check-in for my flight, change seats, and retrieve my boarding pass all from the app. No need to go to the check-in counter at the airport or wait in long lines at the kiosk to get a boarding pass.

If you don't fly American, make sure to download the airline app of your choice, as all of the main-line carriers in the US have apps with mobile boarding passes.

App in the air and FlightTrack 4 do the same thing, gather all of my travel plans and present them in a concise interface for quick access to information. I am listing both here, because I use both when traveling. App in the air is more up to date than FlightTrack 4, but I am still a FT4 die-hard even though Mobiata killed it and replaced it with a paltry new version called FlightTrack 5 or FT5.

You can find blog post after blog post complaining about FT5, and how FT4 was the app of choice for frequent travelers. It would still be if it were still sold today, however only if you bought it before Mobiata released FT5 are you able to use FT4 today.

If you are looking for a good flight tracking/itinerary app to keep everything in one place then App in the air is the clear winner right now. But this space changes frequently, Mobiata is touting an update to FT5 soon, so it will be interesting to see what they bring.

Up next: Good-bye BofA