Mobile ordering

Panera Bread, Starbucks and Chick-fil-a all have instituted a third way for customers to place an order.

Panera Bread started it with the launch of Apple Pay. Starbucks soon followed, and most recently Chick-fil-a.

Mobile ordering.

With drive-thru ordering and going inside at a fast-service restaurant as the norm, mobile ordering has quietly stood by.

I think mobile ordering will become the future of how we interact with ordering at fast-service restaurants.

As overhead at these companies grows; companies will look to ways to lower it. The answer? Mobile ordering.

With it you can have fewer registers, and with fewer registers there is less equipment to maintain, less hours spent training new employees, and less restaurant space lost to registers/counter setup.

It will be interesting to watch how mobile ordering impacts the future of the fast-service industry.

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