What's in my wallet?

I frequently change what cards I have in my wallet and it all depends on what the current sign up offers on new credit cards out there are or if I have a card that earns a higher category bonus during certain times of the year.

Right now I carry the following cards.

This is what is in my wallet, and each one has a purpose.

The Sapphire Preferred is my go-to card when dining out as it earns double points per dollar spent. I also put my car rentals on this card due to the primary insurance coverage the card offers and double points.

The Citi Thank You Premier card is very similar to the Chase Sapphire Preferred but I am able to earn triple points on gas purchases with this card, whereas the Sapphire only earns one point per dollar.

I use my Citi Prestige card exclusively for airfare and hotel purchases due to earning triple points per dollar, and to take advantage of the fourth night free benefit from Citi on the Prestige card. This is by far the most underrated benefit of the card.

Chase Freedom is only in my wallet for part of the year as one quarter it will get five percent back on gas purchases and another on grocery purchases, outside of those two quarters I rarely use my Freedom card. It's a great card as it is free, but I only use it for the category bonuses.

I just put the Amex Everyday card back in my wallet. It's the free version of the card and I'll start using it at places where I don't get a category bonus as I get an additional 20% in MR points each month where I have 20 transactions or more.

The Amex Platinum is only in my wallet, because I travel for work, and there is an Amex Centurion Lounge at my home airport and I need the card to gain access to the lounge. Outside of that I hardly put any spend on the card.

I have other cards, however they usually don't make it in my wallet. I keep them in Apple Wallet on my iPhone so that if a specific purpose for them comes up I may have the chance to use them if the merchant supports Apple Pay.

I use the Chase Ink card for any type of office supply purchase, and only have this card as it was a downgrade from the Ink Plus which I got when I was offered a 75K sign up bonus a few years ago.

I have the Chase IHG and Hyatt for use only when I stay at their respective hotels, and to take advantage of their annual benefit of a free night stay. Outside of that, they collect dust.

I just picked up the Amex SPG card when they offered their largest sign up bonus ever of 35,000 SPG points. I've completed that spend and now the card is collecting dust.

My Barclays Aviator card is left over from the merger of US Airways and American Airlines. I have kept this card because of the EQMs that you earn after $20K spend (5,000 EQMs) and another 5,000 if you spend up to $40K per year. I use RadPad to pay rent to my landlord and they allow you to pay with a credit card for a small fee (3.49%), but if its a MasterCard it's less at 1.99%. Because of the nominal fee , and the simplicity to earn the 5,000 EQMs I've opted to pay with this card. Once I get the 5,000 EQMs I'll switch my payment back to my debit card which is free. You can no longer apply for this card as Citi is the exclusive issuer of American Airlines credit cards.

The Citi AT&T More is an interesting card. It came out last year and the sign up bonus is $650 towards the purchase of a new non-contract AT&T phone, after spending $2,000. You can even purchase the new phone and have it count as part of your spend threshold to get the sign up bonus credit. Outside of that, this card has some good category bonus earnings but not much. I strictly use it to earn points when shopping at Amazon or other online retailers, as I will earn three points per dollar. I also use it to pay my AT&T bills as it earns three points per dollar as well, outside of that I don't physically use this card. This card will be the next on my list to be cancelled.

This year I have actually slimmed down my credit card portfolio. I have canceled three cards this year, and more will fall. I already have cards that allow me to get a bonus for nearly every type of purchase, and am just wanting to simplify my credit card portfolio, 16 cards gets a lot to manage.

  • Citi AAdvantage Platinum
  • Citi AAdvantage Business
  • Chase Marriott

I cancelled the AAdvantage Platinum as I already had the Barclays Aviator card, and if I had cancelled that one I could never get it back. I'll probably apply for the AAdvantage Platinum down the road once the sign up bonus is larger.

I cancelled the business version of the card, as I only applied for it to get the 50K bonus, and for no other purpose.

I cancelled the Marriott card as I hardly stay at Marriotts, and I don't need this card right now. Once the merger between Marriott and SPG becomes clearer, I might re-apply if the sign up bonus changes, or if the SPG card is not migrated to a Marriott card.

If you have any questions about what credit card to get for yourself, or how to use the points you earn from them reach out to me on social media or email me.

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